© April 2011 Lesbian Facts

FACT: Falling for straight girls will fuck you up everytime

FACT: Pussy tastes like sunshine and rainbows

"My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola" - Cola by Lana Del Rey

FACT: There are no guys in lesbian relationships

FACT: Awkward girls are adorable

FACT: Asking a lesbian “are you sure you don’t like men?” Isn’t going to suddenly make her reevaluate her life and jump into your arms. It’s just going to make her think you’re a dumb ass

FACT: Women are amazing

FACT: Not all lesbians identify as femme or butch, and that’s okay

FACT: Lesbians can be quite charming

FACT: I am a lesbian, but I am also many other things. My sexual orientation shouldn’t be the only part of my identity that you chose to remember

Anonymous asked:

So im a lesbian. im not ashamed of it or anything but sometimes it feels like im not normal. people who dont know sometimes say homophobic things and it hurts but i cant tell them because they are a homiphobe. im just over being treated like a freak. i have been cutting for 3 years and i have tried to commit suicide quite a few times but im just so lost. and confused about everything. any advice?

I don’t know what it’s like to live your life/deal with the things that you are faced with on a daily bases.

However, as a friend you never met, I can tell you with certainty that you are not a freak. You will find that there are people in this world whose sole purpose in life is to hurt others. 

At the end of the day you are an amazing human being who has overcome tremendous feats. Don’t let people who are afraid of your greatness get you down.

No matter what you think or what other people tell you, remember that you have a purpose in life and deserve to be in this world. 

FACT: Femme lesbians can be tops, butch lesbians can be bottoms, femmes can date other femmes and butch lesbians can date other butch lesbians. There are no rules in lesbian dating

FACT: Straight girls and gay girls can be friends, without anything “going on”

FACT: The second a girl tells me she’s a lesbian, she becomes 10 times hotter

FACT: I’m a lesbian, not an object for some straight girl to test her sexuality on. I don’t like my head being screwed with

FACT: Kisses on the neck=UNF