© April 2011 Lesbian Facts

FACT: I am a woman who absolutely adores other women

FACT: Being a lesbian isn’t a phase, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Anonymous asked:

I'm not even a lesbian but your blog is just fab

FACT: You’re fab anon

FACT: Lesbians are not attracted to every girl that they meet

FACT: I am a big fan of lesbians

FACT: I love how wet women get.

Anonymous submission 

FACT: Lesbian sex=Multiple orgasms

FACT: Kissing girls make me very happy

FACT: Women have the softest lips

FACT: The L word was my lesbian Bible

FACT: Sex between two women is real sex

aintathingiswrong asked:

this blog is incredibly awesome!!!!love this!

FACT: You’re incredibly awesome

FACT: I’m addicted to girls

FACT: Lesbians don’t have to choose between being butch or femme. Not everyone fits those categories, and that’s okay.

FACT: Talented/driven women turn me on